About Me

Hi there!

I’m Ashley, commonly known as… Ashley (I don’t have any cool nicknames!) I’m the author of this blog and reside in sunny Manchester. Okay…. It’s not sunny, but I love it all the same.

My family consists of me, my boyfriend and my two pooches Max and Poppy.  My boyfriend has 4 children from his previous relationship age ranging from 11 to 4 years old.

I cannot categorise this blog as anything in particular really. It’s not a food blog, although I will share recipes. It isn’t a parenting blog, although I will probably talk about the children. It is a mixture of my loves, my thoughts and whatever randomly pops into my head.

Get to know me:

  • I am studying a degree in psychology with the Open University. I have suffered with anxiety and depression and I would like to help others.
  • I love taking pictures. Pictures of animals, buildings, the world, food…. I am snap happy. I am no photographer, but I have a lot of memories captured. And that’s what it is all about right?
  • I absolutely love Superhero’s. I am more of a Marvel fan-girl, however Batman’s world (DC ) is one of my favorites, with Harley Quinn being my favorite ever villain.
  • I also love a lot of other nerdy things: Star Wars, comics, all of that kind of thing. The only nerdy trend I never really got is anime?!
  • Although I am intelligent, I am also really quite ditzy. Sometimes I say things with instant regret, as it I know it will instantly cause embarrassment.
  • I like to sing, and dance… Although generally not in public. My pooches have both have dances with me though. They enjoy it.
  • Stationary is my kryptonite. I love new stationary… Especially note pads. Except I don’t want to write in them as I don’t want to ruin the crispness of their pages.
  • I am incredibly shy. Some people mistake this for me not liking them, but generally this is down to me never knowing what to say.
  • Summer BBQ’s with strawberry Rekorderlig are my happy place.
  • I love adventures. Going somewhere I have never been before and exploring is my ideal day. I am definitely happier outdoors than in.
  • I was the author of blog Coffee, Cakes and Everything In-between, however I closed that down due to not wanting a blog purely based on food. However, I do love blogging, which is where Positively Ashley was born.

That’s all for now. I am sure this list will be extended as I go on. Please feel free to contact me at hello@postivelyashley.co.uk if you have any questions. 🙂

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