Escape Room

Last week I was super excited to be invited to review Escape Rooms in Manchester. In my pregnant state there isn’t much I have been able to do socially except for go for meals or to the cinema, so this seemed like something a little bit different both myself and my partner could enjoy.  I literally couldn’t wait!


The concept of Escape Rooms for those who aren’t aware is that you are in a situation where you are locked in a room, and you have to hunt for clues to solve to essentially free yourself. You have 60 minutes to complete the task and there are lots of different themed rooms from haunted hotel’s, to prison break – And a lovely slaughter room for those who don’t mind a bit of gore. Each room has a different difficulty rating so if you don’t feel particularly like Sherlock Holmes that day you can request to be put in a lower difficulty room.

I went along to this event with my friend Karina from Mum’s the Nerd and our partners.  There was quite a few other bloggers at the event and the 4 of us was teamed with another two lovely ladies and given what is considered the hardest room… Room 13.  The back story to this room is that we are all going on holiday together and whilst driving down a country lane trying to find the hotel a girl appears in the road and we ‘hit her’ – Except when we get out of the car to find her she has disappeared. When we get to the hotel it is empty apart from our party and we are all given room 13 to stay in. We go up to the room and we hear a giggle in the room…It’s the little girl!! When we try to go to the receptionist we find all the doors are locked and the reception clerk disappeared with a trail of blood behind the desk. We have top go back to the room to find our way out of the hotel!

The back story is given to you by a member of staff, and you are told you can have a couple of clues throughout if needed. Personally I was so excited about being given this room. Anybody who knows me knows how much I love horror movies and anything related to them so I couldn’t have been put in a more appropriate room. It also made me laugh even more because my friend absolutely loathes horror… So when we was being given the back story I could see that she was nervous in case there was actors and someone popped up.

Unfortunately – as a group we tended to over complicate a lot of the clues so we used up all of our free hints and didn’t make it out on time – We was missing our final clue! But it was so much fun so I wasn’t too disheartened. Plus we got to take a fun photo at the end.

I would most definitely do this again, and recommend for friends / family to attend. There is a bar area too so I’d say it would be a perfect place to start an evening out on a fun night and then go on for drinks or for corporate “team bonding” events. I will most definitely be recommending this in our next employee engagement meetings at work!