Lush… what does it mean to you? To me it was a word that made my skin crawl to describe something that was nice.  When I first met my spud he used it to describe to his meals… “I’m going to take you to Akbars, the food there is Lush”… Thankfully this is a habit he has since grown out of.

I recently met up with my friend for some lunch and shopping in Manchester.  It was so nice seeing her as we’ve both been so sidetracked trying to ‘adult’ (buying houses, being pregnant) that aside from a few messages catch ups have been waylaid. I learnt that day what lush meant to her…. BATH BOMBS.

As I waddled round the Arndale centre she almost squealed when she saw the shop.  The first thing I noticed what the smell, and I have to admit it smelt amazing.  It didn’t take too much convincing for me to go inside.

Once inside I was met with bright colours and soaps galore. So many bath bombs in so many shapes and sizes.  Where do you even start?!?! Karina from Mum’s the Nerd knew… she picked up a variety of powdery orbs and shoved them under my nose.. ‘smell this’ ‘This is my favourite’ ‘This is great for your skin’ I must admit… I was a bit overwhelmed. There is so much choice and they all do smell fantastic. There are assistants doing demos all over the store, in one section of the store a lady was receiving a hand massage and I was slightly jealous of this.  As a treat, Karina told me choose one as she couldn’t accept I had never had a “Lush Bath” before.  After smelling so many it got to a point everything smelt the same I chose my bomb and couldn’t wait to try it…. Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon (You know, because it’s shaped like a macaroon but gives you bubbles in your bath!) Clever!


So my first impression, I wasn’t overly keen on the fact it looked like I was having a soak in a bath full of pee. I’m certain this is dependant on the bomb you choose but in terms of first impressions I wasn’t overly keen on this factor. I was half expecting it to be powdery  in the bath however once dissolved it felt quite nice. It had a lovely smell and I must admit once I got over the colour I was quite relaxed in my luminous bath.

After about an hour of pure relaxation I got out of the bath feeling all smooth like a dolphin. Pregnancy has been leaving my skin quite dry but this soak definitely added some moisture back into my old weary self.

So, before I tried Lush I thought it was overpriced for what it was, all ‘smelt the same’ and a bit of a waste of money. However after trying, my skin felt better, there are so many different scents to suit everybody. Sweet, subtle, strong. Whatever you want. Just don’t spend too long sniffing different ones.

Would I use Lush products again?? Yes but I’d probably get a nicer colour so I don’t feel like I am sitting in a pool of pee!