Me Me Me – Charlotte Crosby

So let’s just talk about guilty pleasures… mine is Geordie Shore.

It wasn’t always, I mean when my sister used to tell me she needed to record it when she came to my house I was disgusted at her. Who wants to sit and watch a group of girls and boys get drunk and bonk? What is the actual point.

Then I split up with my ex and moved back home. One night I was sat in the living room and Geordie Shore was on tv… I grumbled, pretended I wasn’t watching but I realised I quite liked it when Shannon went to bed and I still didn’t turn over the channel. I mean, I couldn’t not know if the dark haired girl was going to get with the annoying blonde bloke. And that was the start of the addiction… I went back to rewatch them all and fell a little bit in love with a few of the characters… Charlotte Crosby being one of them. (I mean, can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful she actually is?!)


So this weekend my boyfriend was on split shifts all day on the Saturday and the Sunday and whilst I was doing the boring grocery shop I spotted Charlottes autobiography… “Why not” I thought. I could read it on the bus to work whilst my mum is on holiday (as I usually phone her daily)

me me me

However what I did was open the book to read a chapter whilst I had a facemask on… And I could not put it back down. It made me laugh, my heart pang in some places and made me fall a little bit more in love with the amazing business woman that is Charlotte Crosby. From the girl who had to steal her own car back from her pop to the woman who has multiple business ventures under a perfectly designed nostalgia sleeve – I read the book from start to finish in about 5 hours in total. I wont give too much away as I wholeheartedly believe that everybody should read this witty and positively “Laugh out Loud” biography. You will not regret it!