National Football Museum

Something lovely happened this past week – my boyfriends children visited. It seems like forever ago they visited so it was so much fun to have them around. With us living in a new area, on the way home from collecting them the boys spotted the National Football Museum – “Can We Go?!!!!”

We agreed, but honestly I was dreading it. Football…….Museum. Eurgh! What could possibly be good about that?? So I met them in Manchester City Centre on a glorious sunny day feeling a bit dubious. Conveniently there is a bit of a park area outside of the museum which has much better things on than your traditional slide / swing set so we let them burn a little energy going wild in the sunshine. Then we went in. Although it is free entry there is a donation pack you can buy which allows you to hold an FA cup replica and the Champions League Trophy, plus a couple of vouchers which entitles you to a couple of free games around the museum.

The museum itself was actually really good, and not only did it keep the boys happy, I was really interested in a lot of things, and it managed to keep a 5 year old young girl happy with games, old consoles and old time fun fair machines to play on. There were no whinges of boredom as there was plenty of activities to take part in as you went around the museum. There was always plenty on staff on hand for any questions we had and we saw some amazing things, old football shirts – And I mean OLD. Possibly my favourite part I learnt was about Pickles the border collie, who found the missing world cup in 1966.  

So overall I found the whole thing really interesting. I mean I like watching my team but I wouldn’t say I’m a HUGE football fan but I was pleasantly surprised with the experience. If I had to rate out of 5 I would have given a 3.5, but one floor was closed off whilst they changed the exhibition so that score could be increased. I would definitely recommend a trip here even if you aren’t the biggest of football fans! Thank you National Football Museum for making entertaining 3 children at the same time quite an easy task!