Raspberry Leaf Tea

So I am getting to that point in pregnancy where all I can think about is…. THE BIRTH. Holy Cow… I somehow have to expel a tiny human out of my body. And I am FREAKING OUT!

I am a member of this pregnancy group on social media which has lots of women all due around the same time as me, and some of them have had children before. I have found this group invaluable in pregnancy, keeping me entertained and informing me of things I would never have even dreamed of.

Someone recently mentioned how Raspberry Leaf Tea and how it is supposed to make delivery easier by strengthening the uterus wall. Apparently this shortens the whole “Pushing” stage. Anything that is rumoured to make giving birth easier is good by me!  So I decided to have a good old nosey online at some of the benefits of it to see just how helpful it can be.

In pregnancy:

  • Should start to take from 32 weeks onwards (Although some sites do say that taking earlier on can help to make a pregnancy more viable and prevent miscarriage) This gives the tea a chance to build up in your body so you get the full benefits. You should start on one cup a day, and increase to 2-3 after a few weeks.
  • Also considered to help a mothers milk come in – Handy if you are planning on breastfeeding your bambino
  • Thought to reduce post delivery bleeding and help you to reduce back to your pre-pregnancy size quicker than usual.

Have you noticed I have used words like ‘considered’ and ‘thought to’ – That’s because there is no actual scientific evidence of any of the above. Just mothers testimonials. It is also said that it should be avoided if you are overdue as the stronger contractions may cause distress to the baby, or if you are scheduled to have a C-Section. I’d always recommend speaking to your midwife if you have any concerns before taking the tea.

It’s goodness isn’t limited to pregnancy either, have a looksie at the General Benefits:

  • Has been used for centuries as a herbel remedy to increase fertility
  • Full of vitamins and minerals and plant compounds that help to detoxify the body
  • Has been shown to reduce menstrual cramps (Winner right here!)
  • Can help to strengthen your immune system.
  • Help to stimulate blood circulation.

And for  all of Men-Kind….

  • It’s a ‘nourishing reproductive tonic’ Which I presume means it helps your little swimmers swim
  • Can help with Diarrhoea. (And let’s face it, after a night out with the ‘lads’ ending in some form of Calzone / Curry combo… this isn’t as infrequent as you’d hope!)

I bought mine from Holland and Barrett for less than £2. The flavour is really pleasant and I think I will definitely continue to drink this once I have had the baby – I’ve been quite big on green teas and fruity teas for the past year or so, and this will make a tasty addition!